Stories From Fans

From: Me
Date: Tuesday 14 October 1997
Location: Hollywood Alley, Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A
Time: 8:30pm
Show: Seven Story Mountain / Pond / No Knife

I though that this was a much better show than the Soundgarden Tour. Well, for one thing, the price was right: $6 at the door.

I went inside around 8:30pm. The Pond roadie who was selling merchandise spotted my Pond T-shirt at the door and introduced himself. He was a real nice guy and he showed me all of the stuff for sale. He had a bunch of T-shirts, some stickers to give away, and even some tiny pond underwear (you had to see it to understand). The roadie also found me a promotion poster which said "No Knife and Pond on Tour!" We talked for a little bit, and he gave me some free stickers. I saw Chris and Dave were circulating around, I said "hi", but didn't really introduce myself. I was waiting until after the show, when I could introduce myself and have them sigh a copy of The Practice of Joy Before Death (which was out in my car at the time). After a while, I went over and picked out my spot to watch Seven Story Mountain. Seven Story Mountain is a local band that I hand never seen before. They are sort of an "emo" type band (what ever that is). They put on a good show.

Then it was Pond's turn. Charlie appeared (woke up?) and they set up. Charlie was late and had some technical difficulties which delayed the show for about five minutes. Then they played an awesome set of new, old, and unreleased stuff:

  1. Van
  2. Spots
  3. Scolioisis
  4. Symphonic
  5. Artificial Turf
  6. My Dog is an Astronaut Though.
  7. Spokes
  8. Magnifier
  9. Glass Sparkles

I was there to see Pond, and as far as I was concerned I don't think that they could have played a bad set no matter what. However the night was not without it's problems.

The first problem came from the fact that the show was on a Tuesday night, announced on short notice and under promoted (I only found out about it 4 days in advance). I was the only one there with a Pond T-shirt. There was only one other person who showed up to see Pond (that I know of). There was not more than 35 - 40 people total at the show. At one point Chris was trying to get the "crowd" excited. He jumped off the stage and walked around to the tables while he was playing. He made it back to the stage just in time to sing his part. It was awesome. Then in between songs Dave offered up three drink tickets to anyone who would stand in front of the stage for the next song. Someone jumped up, grabbed the tickets and ran off before they had even started to play. My only other complaint was the vocals were to low in the mix, but it didn't matter to me because I knew most of the words...

Next came No Knife. I had never heard them before. They were okay, but it was kind of a let down after Pond (no offense to the No Knife fans). After the show I caught Chris and Charlie. They went out to my car with me and sighed a copy of Practice. Chris wrote "To Chris [me]: Thanks for listening". Charlie wrote "Get well soon". Then we went back inside and found Dave. Dave wrote "Wish it was better".

If any of you ever get a chance to meet the Pond people, do it! They are really nice guys.

From: Me

Date: 29 November 1996
Location: Mesa Amphitheater, Mesa, Arizona, USA
Time: 5:00pm
Show: Pond / Rocket From The Crypt / Soundgarden

I gave my life blood to see Pond and Rocket From The Crypt. Well, part of my blood; I donated plasma to get the money for the ticket $20 ticket (ouch for the plasma, and ouch for the price), but it was well worth it!

Pond put on an excellent show. They went on promptly at 5:00pm, and played short but dense 35 minute set.

  1. Rock Collection
  2. Glass Sparkles In Their Hair
  3. Sundial
  4. Wheel
  5. Artificial Turf
  6. Spokes
  7. Filler

I was a little disappointed because they played mostly old stuff. I was hoping to hear some of the new songs, but it was still excellent to hear the old favorites. It was cold (by Arizona standards) and this really put the crowd into a apathetic mood. There were a few people moving around, but most people just stood their and watched. Filler totally rocked, and actually got people moving. Overall it was a good show. I got a cool dark green T-shirt with a Pond logo on it. I wanted to talk to the band, but I also wanted to see Rocket From the Crypt. I stayed seated until Rocket was done. But by then Pond had vanished, and no one knew where they were. (That's part of the reason I hate big venues; it's harder to meet the band.) So, I was kind of pissed at myself for sitting thought Rocket and not getting to meet Pond Oh, well, live and learn. Next time I'll be sure to meet them...

From: Lucas

A little blip for your stories from fans section.

I saw what was apparently the first show on their tour with Brad the other night. It completely and utterly rocked. I don't have their earlier SubPop stuff and I know they played some stuff from it but I don't know what it was (except for "Magnify"). They played excellent versions of "You're Not an Astronaut", "Scoliosis" and "Greyhound" among other things. I think they might have been a little nervous or something because they said "We're Pond" about twelve times. After the show I got to talk to Dave and he was really cool and signed a poster for me (it says "Happy Birthday from Dave Triebwasser.") I didn't stay for Brad. The show reminded me just how excellent Pond are, plus I got a neat-o T-shirt.

From: James Sharp

My very first rock show was a Pond show, and I'm from NY. Yes, they did come up there ages ago. They opened for Buffalo Tom in Binghamton NY. A few weeks before, I had won tickets on the radio when I would normally be in high school class (a blizzard had cancelled school) for Buffalo Tom.

Turns out Buffalo Tom sucked; their drummer was visibly tired after the first song. And all their songs sounded the same. I was incredibly impressed by Pond, and to think I almost never saw them. Now, I'm hoping they'll come back to the northeast (VT preferably) soon! I've missed seeing too many bands live because I waited to long and they broke up. I'm praying that that won't happen with this incredible band. I thought Rock Collection was a great recovery (forgive me Joy... fans), and one of the best albums I have ever heard! The self-titled debut is also one of the best.

From: Zac Boyle

Hello, my name is Zac.. I saw pond with the screaming trees Sweet Oblivion tour, The Tour was the best show I have ever seen It was Pond/Poster Children/Screaming Trees. this was about 5 years ago.. Needless to say I have been a Pond follower ever since.. I actually got a Pond sticker at that concert they threw them out, its is a med sticker and white with Green Lettering and the eye in the muck from the self titled album.. At the show I was there with a bunch of people from my old high school and there was five of us two boys with girlfriends and me, at any rate Dave came out and took the two girl backstage and they got to meet Pond and drink with them.. I was so jealous... Funny but everybody I know who listen to Pond is insane about them I'm no exception.. My favorite song also is Grinned (I tried to write the words down once I wasn't even close).. I have all the pond, CD's and John Peel sessions..

From: Andres Caputo

I saw Pond Sunday night at LaLuna here in Portland. Unfortunately they were playing second so they only played for 45 minutes. They opened with "Magnifier" an then played great versions of "Spokes" and "You are not a Seed." My only complaint was that the vocals were to low in the mix. The second guitarist, Bryan, didn't subtract from their sound but also didn't add as much as I was hoping. He did add a lot to "My Dog is an Astronaut." They also got to make fun of him on stage.

Chris: I heard a joke that will offend a lot of people, should I tell it?
Crowd: Tell It!!
Chris: "What does a stripper do with her asshole before she goes to work?"
Crowd: What???
Chris: Drops him off at band practice.
Charlie (I think): Bryan, have you ever dated a stripper?
Bryan: Yes I have. She was very nice and a good dancer (or something like that)
Dave: How is sis anyway?

They played a hot version of "Scoliosis," and "Twins (Chris played bass with a beer bottle)" and "Greyhound, " and pleased the crowd with "Glass Sparkles in their Hair." Then, do much of the crowds displeasure, they played their last song, "You are not an Astronaut."I don't think I was alone wanting them to play more songs, but they weren't the headliner this evening. I talked to the band afterwords and they said they were going to headline at La Luna on May 10, playing with two other Portland bands, the Feelings and Semi-Sweet. $10 for 45 minutes of Pond was well worth it. Plus I got to meet Chris' mom. She's a nice lady and she goes to a lot of their shows. What support. Shutter to Think headlined the show, this was the third time I've seen Shutter to Think (they played between Sunny Day Realestate and Soul Coughing a couple of years ago, and I don't remember the other time). It took me one scream of their singer to remind me how much I disliked Shutter to Think so my friend Randy, my brother Ben, and I called it a night and left the club with lots of free merchandise (postcards, promo tape with Spokes (edit) and Twins, a poster, and a promo CD with Spokes (radio edit) and Spokes (album version). Of course I bought the album a day and a half later so the promo stuff is already obsolete.

From: Adam

Hey, I checked out Pond in concert at the Rave in Milwaukee WI last Monday. They were unreal. We talked to Chris Brady after the show and he is an incredibly nice person as is the rest of the band. If you have not seen them yet check them out. They are great. Here was their play list.

Glass Sparkles
You Are Not a Seed
Laika (My Dog is An Astronaut)
Rock Collecting
You Are Not An Astronaut

I wished they would have played longer but it was still unreal.


From: Kate

Out of pure koinkidink, I saw Pond at Ozone records two days ago in Portland. I was just out on the town, doing a little record shopping and stuff, when I noticed a bunch of flyers in the Ozone that said Pond was playing there a couple of hours later that day and that they would be handing out free stuff and collectibles just before the show. Anyway, they played a great show. It was all new songs except for Sideroad, there was plenty of Pondy energy, and Chris B. payed thirty buckaroos to have a woman in a giant bunny costume join the show. I got one of the Pond grab bag type things that they were handing out, and it has a bunch of stickers, a CD single with two versions of Spokes, a video w/Spokes and an interview, a Pond air freshener, and a blue Pond shirt. Pretty exciting, eh?

More to come...