What's New at the Pond Page

Feburary 2003
  1. A new pond message board was added. Go here: Pond Message Board

November 2002
  1. The Pond Page is officially dead. It will continue to exist in it's present form, but there will be no more updates or improvements to the page. Also, please do not send anymore email about the band or the page.
  2. Nothing is new. I moved the site to www.chrisnj.com and cleaned up some dead links, and removed my email address from this site.

30 May 1999
  1. If you don't already know, Pond has broken up. They are no longer together. The reason for the breakup is not clear, but it sounded like the band members had other projects they wanted to work on. Read this for more information.
  2. I added a few things to the page. This is going to be the last update for a long time. I just don't have the time to put into this page any more. It's been three and a half years since I started this page, and a lot has changed in my life. As great as Pond was, they are now a static piece of history. I don't see much else that I could add to this site. So I think I'll quit at least for now...
  3. A couple of small lyric changes (Thanks to Holly).
  4. A few small formatting changes.
  5. A new European promo was added to the discography page. Special thanks go out to Adam Clark for the information and the pictures.

1 February 1999
  1. Dave is not dead. There was a rumor floated that Dave died in a car crash. I have to lay that rumor to rest once and for all :-)
  2. I've heard rumors that all the members of the band have been working on different things. If anyone has any definite information about any of the projects please mail me.
  3. The current status of the Pond is unknown. Have they broken up? Are they still together? Are they on hold until further notice? I don't know. Mail me if you know anything. (no more dead Dave rumors please!)
  4. A copy of a Pond review that appeared in Jitter On-line Magazine can now be found here.
  5. The Tree lyrics were modified.

20 October 1998
  1. There is still not much going on. There have been rumors all over the place about what Pond is doing. But there is nothing I can confirm or deny. However there is a good chance that Pond is being put on hold for a while so the band members work on various side projects. Mail me if you have any information.
  2. People have been busy sending me lyrics. I've got partial lyrics for Tree, and Agatha. Take a look and let me know what you think.
  3. Some dead links were removed.
  4. The Pond was dropped section was removed from the main page. However you can still find it here: Pond was Dropped

4 June 1998

  1. Not much going on...
  2. Links to tabs were finally added.
  3. Some lyrics were corrected. (thanks to Keren for finding the errors)

26 January 1998
  1. Pond was dropped from WORK records. Details here
  2. A link directly to the Pond bulletin board area was added. Links

7 January 1998
  1. The discography page was redone. It is now faster and better.
  2. Everything is now linked together.
  3. There was some house cleaning on my part. Sub-directories were added to allow easy maintenance of the page. If you ever start your own web page, do not put everything in one directory.
  4. Some of the pictures were re-done.

23 December 1997
  1. Wow, has it really been this long sense I worked on the page? I guess so. Time flies when you're not having fun. School has been a total nightmare this year, and I seem to be spending all of my time at school type things. But I haven't forgotten what's really important: Pond. Now that school is over, and I have some time on my hands, I've updated a few things on the page. When I started this page (almost a year ago), I had a great love of Pond, a lot of time on my hands, and a great internet connection (direct ethernet in my dorm room). But time moves forward, and things change. I still have a great love of Pond, but have almost no time on my hands, and I no longer have a ISP or internet access at the place I live (there is no phone line that I can use).
  2. I had the picture of Charlie and Dave reversed under the "who's pond" section (DOH!). Someone pointed it out to me, and I fixed it. Sorry about that!
  3. I got to see them live! They somehow found themselves in Arizona, and I got to see them and talk with them. I wrote all about it in the "stories from fans section."
  4. A link to a good review of Rock Collection was added.
  5. Another story from a fan was added.
  6. New reviews were added.
  7. The "other music" section was updated.
  8. Some more information about the "Glass Sparkles" video was sent to me. Look for it in the "Videos" section.
  9. A new song called "Symphonics" was added to the song list. Sorry, no lyrics though...
  10. "kiss me Chris, one more time!" was added to the Gagged and Bound lyrics. Special thanks to a fan for sending me the words.
  11. The tab section was killed. No one sent me any tabs... :-(

11 August 1997
  1. Two new links were added.
  2. I put up some wrong info on Brian, the new guy that tours with pond. I had the wrong picture and the wrong name. Sorry about that Bryan... It's fixed now.
  3. Two reviews were added.
  4. A couple of stories from fans were added.
  5. A tabs page was added, but I have yet to add any tabs. Feel free to send me some.
  6. The "Other Music" section was updated.

3 June 1997
  1. The video page was greatly enhanced. Please give me some feed back on the animated gifs.
  2. Spots and Spokes video clips are available for download. I'll need quick time in order to play them.
  3. Some scans from the new album were added.
  4. The download page is gone. All of the stuff that it contained in now integrated into the rest of the page.
  5. There was a very nice review/interview that was added to the top of the review section.
  6. One of the two "untitled" sections on the new album has a name now...
  7. Talk about pictures in pictures, the concept boggles the mind.

20 April 1997
  1. All of the free stuff is gone. Sorry if you missed your chance...
  2. I hit paydirt the other night and found a Soundgarden site that had a bunch of reviews from the Pond/Rocket From The Crypt/Soundgarden tour. Not all of them are positive, but they will give you something to ponder. (Pond and Green Day??? That's a good one :-)
  3. Finals have hit with a vengeance! I'm currently swamped with stuff to do and the Pond page is way down at the bottom of my list of stuff to do. But not to worry, school should be over in about 3 more weeks, and I will do a big update to the page.
  4. I added an unofficial version of Rock Collection along with a few unofficial lyrics to some other songs.

8 April 1997
  1. Today is the day! I picked up the new album today. I was sitting out in front of the local record store until they opened this morning. It's a killer album. The layout of the inside cover is great! But *GASP* no lyrics!!! Not to worry, I grabbed them from the Work Records Pond homepage (except for "one day in the future").
  2. To coincide with the release of the new album, Work records launched a web page. I visited it, but I don't like it. The layout is all screwed up, and the fonts are the wrong size. But that's just my opinion. It does have some cool pictures (Oh no! Say it ain't so! Not *POISON*!). See the links page...
  3. The lyrics page was updated to reflect the authors of the songs from the new album.
  4. Links to lyrics from the Discography Page have been added.
  5. I fixed up some little things on the page.
  6. Me and the scanner are going to be spending some quality time together sometime in the next couple of days. Look for some pictures from the new album soon.
  7. A short video page was added.
  8. The tour date page was removed. It has outlived it's usefulness. Work is doing an excellent job of updating the tour information, and there is no need for me to waste my time duplicating the information.

30 March 1997
  1. I added the "Free Stuff" page. This page is made possible by (but not connected to or associated with) Work Records. They sent me some free stuff, and wanted to share the wealth. This Pond was made for you and me!
  2. Chris Brady sent me some information on the two untitled tracks from Rock Collection. Look for it in the lyrics page.
  3. I'm just going to wait until the new album comes out before I put up any new lyrics. I've tried to figure out some the other songs, but there is always a critical line or two missing. Sorry...

23 March 1997
  1. Part of the "Other Music / Thoughts / Etc." is up and working.
  2. A new picture was added down at the bottom of the main page.
  3. The counter was added back in.
  4. The "index.htm" was updated. Please set all links that access my page here

15 March 1997
  1. Well. I'm heading off for sponge break. I'll be gone for about a week 15 March to 22 March. So this is my last minute fix up to the page. Look for some more stuff in about a week...
  2. The release date has been pushed back again. 8 April 1997 is the new date. :(
  3. The I added a new section called "Other Music/Thoughts/Etc." Check it out, it has a little bit of stuff (for now) look for more in the future...
  4. A bunch of little things have been updated. Look around....
  5. Check out the Pond postcard under the "Greeting from Pond" section.

12 March 1997
  1. Sorry about the bad link to the press release.. I keep forgetting Unix is case sensitive.
  2. One Day in the Future unofficial lyrics added by me.
  3. In the Press Release I got Charlie and Dave mixed up in the photos. It's fixed now.
  4. Some more Pond tour dates added.
  5. I am working hard to get some more lyrics from the new album up.

10 March 1997
  1. I got it! Work sent me a press release kit with a pre-release copy of Rock Collection. THANK YOU WORK!
  2. *Many* things have changed look around: Discography, Press Release, Lyrics, Tour Dates...
  3. Much thanks to the people who sent me information. Your know who you are!
  4. Me and the scanner spend some quality time together. Check out the new pictures!
  5. Unofficial Spokes lyrics added.
  6. GOOD STUFF: To find all that rare Pond stuff that you want check out GEMM. (search for "Pond")

1 March 1997
  1. Well, I finally found their first release at my local record store. I added the liner notes that came with the 7" to the page. Check out: "What is Pond About?" to read the liner notes (typos and all).
  2. I updated the lyrics page to show who wrote what. I found the information at the BMI database.
  3. Spots Promo CD-info was added. Special thanks to Todd Macdonald!
  4. A good review of the band from the BMI site was added to the review page.
  5. A dead link was removed.
  6. The new release is less 25 days away! I can't wait!

1 February 1997:
  1. Lyrics to Wheel, Foamy, Perfect Four, and Filler were added
  2. Release date for Rock Collection is now 25 March 1997

23 December 1996:
  1. This Page.
  2. Lyrics to Grinned were added.
  3. List of songs was updated to include Spokes, Untitled #1, Untitled #2, and Ebner.
  4. My own review of Pond at Mesa Amphitheater.
  5. Background has been changed for faster redraw.
  6. The Links page was reorganized
  7. Another review was added to the review section.