"It should never be said that I listen
to "good" music (whatever that is)
but it can always be said that I listen
to music that I like."

Here is some music that I like:
(in no special order, except some
bizarre pattern relating to childhood
psychological damage that is probably
not worth your time to try to figure out)

Polvo Slint Don Caballero
Red Red Meat Sunny Day Real Estate Seam
The Dismembermet Plan Mogwai Calexico
Rodan Jessamine Three Mile Pilot
Pullman Man or Astroman? The Sea and Cake
Bedhead Thrid Eye Foundation June of 44
Unwound Dianogah The Sonora Pine
Karate Drive Like Jehu Neutral Milk Hotel
Grandaddy Lync Christie Front Drive
Godspeed You Black Emperor Windy and Carl Isotope 217
Codeine Lullaby for the Working Class Drugstore
Loftus Tortoise Belle and Sebastian
Sea of Cortez Hoover Mermen
Love as Laughter Downset 764-HERO
The Black Heart Procession Rex Shipping News
Aerial M Enemy Mine The American Analog Set
Low A Minor Forest Modest Mouse

If you are looking for a place to find any of the records listed above, I would recomend a little store called Stinkweeds located in Tempe (greater Phoenix area) Arizona, USA.

Follow the link to see their web site: