Pond Videos

1. Snowing

"..the video had no shots of the band at all; in fact, it was clips from some b & w fifties film with some woman rolling around on a bed with some kittens. It wasn't kinky like it sounds, but it was bizarre. Maybe somebody knows more about than I do..."
-Greg Bobbitt

2. Agatha

3. Spots

4. Glass Sparkles In Their Hair

"I don't think the Glass Sparkles video is available anywhere but I have seen it. It was really odd. What I remember was a parade marching through a forest (it was a high school band from some town is Centeral Washington) and Fred Nemo, the bearded dancer from Hazel (another Portland and x-Sub Pop band) balanced a jug of water on his head and poured the water out. There were wierd sideways head shots of Charlie and Chris singing but I don't remember any other shots of the band."
-Andres Caputo

"Hey you know that band walking in the forest in "Glass Sparkles..."? Well that was my High School Band!! I am totally serious. I played the baritone and it was friggin' frozen outside. Here's the story, apparently the Pond Boys wanted a band in the video. So, they thought of a few different ideas but none of them worked out. One of their friends who is from Toledo WA, said he could get the high school marching band. So they got us. It was really bizarre making it let me tell ya. We even were paid two bucks."
-Tony McFarlane

5. Spokes