What is Pond About:

Liner notes from their first release on Tim/Kerr Records (~1991)

Pond is about sleeping without dreaming. The trip of disappearing every night. Also about dreaming - pieces of tires pistils and stamens, bitten by every participant in the parade, and a retarded man laughing because notices the same color in a dozen different places, never about relationships between things, but about the actual things things themselves, but not cars, cards, business cars, or business cards or business or work. There are the guidelines - order your house first, sleep a lot, don't wake someone to tell your dream, obey the compassionate and visionary trailer queen, make up stories, tell the truth, let sleeping dogs lie, listen, buy local music, sleep, wonder. Why think the universe is united to the five senses. We've developed to detect it. Or nothing in the middle and nothing at either end. Just six years of life for dreaming, six years for eating, and walking under leaf cathedrals, bliss at crush volume, not for rooling balls of pain. Here for a limited time only. Make your offering.