Who is Pond?

"We have to make out managers and Work Records understand Pond from out prespective and make sure that they don't compromise our music or ideas"

-Chris Brady, 6 November 1996

Christopher E. Brady - Vocals, Bass, Trees

Charlie F. Campbell - Vocals, Guitar, Sleep

Dave J. Treibwasser - Drums, Backing Vocals, Chemisitry

Brian Ronshaugen - He plays 2nd guitar for live shows. He is also the fromer front man of Forehead

Why "Pond"?

"As for the name thing Charlie and I sat in our practice space (it was before we found a drummer) and we went though any name we could come up with. When I grew up in Alaska I lived in a house which had a pond in the back. I had spent a lot of time there. I put it on the chalkboard we had in our space and after a few days it grew on both of us."

-18 August 1996
-Chris Brady

"Charlie and I moved down from Alaska together to play music and after a few previous bands (none being really good) we started Pond."

-31 May 1996
-Chris Brady

"We are a very hands on band and locally we don't have a manager to deal with the little things which take up 100% of our time. I personally, along with Charlie, created Pond. This is our band, our full time job, and our life. I love music and want to keep doing it for many years but I have to do it on my terms and no one else's... This is our job and has been for years and hopefully will be for years. We don't make a lot of money, sometimes we just scrape by, but this is ours and it's the best job in the planet. Making music we enjoy and having the opportunity to record it and get it out to people who enjoy it like yourself is a dream for us, but total creative control comes with a lot of responsibility. Pond keeps us busy so that it is us not some music suit who controls how the public thinks of us. We are people who make music we are not just some marketable unit. We work hard so people understand that...."

-6 November 1996
-Chris Brady

(more to come in the as soon as I get it...)