Pond: Rock Collection Press Release
The VERY nice people at Work Records were kind enough to send me a press release kit for Rock Collection that contained:

The CD

Front Back

Length: 46 minutes and 55 seconds
Tracks: 16 Tracks
Track list:
  1. Spokes
  2. You're not an Astronaut
  3. Scoliosis
  4. One Day in the Future
  5. You're Not a Seed
  6. Flawed
  7. My Dog Is an Astronaut, Though
  8. Forget
  9. Golden
  10. Greyhound
  11. Rebury Me
  12. Filterless
  13. Rabbit (no words)
  14. (untitled, no words)
  15. Ugly

The Biography


Chris Brady: Bass
Charlie Campbell: Guitar
Dave Triebwasser: Drums

Bow down before the returning simian kings of wussy-core. Tremble at their gold-slippered monkey feet and lay your unworthy offering with these other:

Four years ago the monkey kings of POND issued their first proclamation on Sub-Pop Records (POND, 1993). They reached out a slender monkey toe and plucked a single lute string and waves of maiden across the land and in Europe shook their booties, for it was danceable. It was not grudge and yet, behold, it rocked.

The monkey kings traveled far and wide in their '87 Ford Van, putting on a hell of a show everywhere they went and collecting and many sorrows the encountered. In February of 1995 they issued their second great proclamation of Sub-Pop Records (The Practice of Joy Before Death, 1995). Stretching their strangely hairless lips, the uttered a single "cheep" of such exquisite sadness that tears stain the page beneath my pen. Unfortunately, the "cheep" was recorded cheaply on an 8-track in the basement and it had about as much chance of getting on the radio as your lame band has.

However, a great and powerful ruler far to the East heard the plaintive "cheep" and read the press clips and check out several of the monkey's live shows (those Pond Monkeys always rock mightily) and decided to sign the monkeys to a three-record deal. So the Monkey kings formed a new alliance with the Emperor Sony/The Work Group.

The monkey kings pocketed some publishing money and climbed upon their thrones and looked inward. Sitting motionless in the lotus position for two years, the kings were taken to be made of stone by the peasants. Small animals burrowed in the fold of their long purple robes with the faux-dalmation fur collars. Birds nested in their hair.

In the spring of 1997 the monkey kings' eyes flickered open and rolled forward again. The little people were afraid and cowered behind bushes. The first monkey king stretched his limbs, then plucked a single hair from the head of the second monkey king. The third monkey king held it upright between his thumb and forefinger and, pursing his strangely hairless lips, blew lightly upon it. At first nothing happened. One little person shouted "Freebird," and someone told him to shut up. Then slowly the hair began to vibrate and emit light and sound, and slowly the sound became a song, and then another and another. The people came out from behind the bushes and listen. Some listened in cars and some lay down in the dark and listened and all were enlightened.

Thus ROCK COLLECTION was born. POND's first release on The Work Group. Chock-full of "how'd-they-do-that" guitar skree and melodies that stick with you like a childhood scar.

The first reason these monkeys rule is because they boast not one, but two master songwriters. Listen and pay tribute to the dark tale of "Spokes" by CHRIS BRADY, or the tongue-in-cheek prophecy of "One Day In The Future," By CHARLIE CAMPBELL. The lyrics to both are included in the back.

The second reason that they rule is they are constantly up to some crazy monkey JuJu shenanigans that involves wearing slides on their picking hands, sometimes on both hand, and they often sound more like an orchestra than a band. Witness "My Dog Is An Astronaut, Though," the end of "Rebury Me," or "15." Those are guitars and basses you're hearing, not cellos and violins. Although there are a few cello scratches on "Filterless"

The third reason these monkeys rule is the drumming of DAVE TRIEBWASSER--I don't have to tell you about simian rhythm, do I?

The fourth and final reason they rule is that each monkey king has a special power, unique and inscrutable. TRIEBWASSER is the bestower of harmony and balance.

"I think the new album incorporates a lot of what we did on the first two albums: the songwriting of the first and the experimentation of the second," TRIEBWASSER says. "It's like you don't want to sit around eating leafy green shoots all day, but you can't go bananas on the tire swing all day either."

Bassist CHRIS BRADY's special power involves making listeners want to shoot themselves in the head.

"I try to live a pretty optimistic live, but sometimes I enjoy writing 'down' lyrics," says BRADY. "The most upsetting things are sometimes the most beautiful."

Well, ask a monkey king a question, and get a monkey king kinda answer.

The unique power of guitarist CHARLIE CAMPBELL is guessing people's weight within five or ten pounds.

"165? Wow! I never dreamed. Oh, about our band? Okay, well, I think the whole thing has gotta come around, you know, like a circle or little league or something. I couldn't hit. But that's not what I'm saying. My Dad was there, of course. But not now. I'm grown. My room's in the basement. But never mind about that. The whole thing is like...um, or let me say, not exactly like a cat, but in someways, yes, like that."

Incense burning, golf playing, no left, Olympia brat Adam Kasper co-produced ROCK COLLECTION. He also engineered their first release and co-produced their second. His engineering creds also include GG Allin, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Weezer and Soundgarden if you care about that sort of thing. Remember, POND worked him first.



The Pictures

Picture 1
(left to right: Chris, Dave, Charlie)

Picture 2
(left to right: Chris, Charlie, Dave)

Picture 3
(left to right: Chris, Charile, Dave)

Picture 4
(left to right: Charlie, Dave, Chris)

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